Valerie A. Carlson, of Milton; and Arnold J. Garvert, of Fort Atkinson

Renee M. Castonguay, of Evansville; and William T. Castonguay, of Footville

Robert J. Grice, of Janesville; and Sarah N. Grice, of Janesville

Della G. Koeppen, of Janesville; and Corey J. Pease, of Janesville

Debra Majeed, of Beloit; and Rabbani Mubashshir, of Chicago, Ill.

Jan A. C. Rosenbaum, of Edgerton; and Dustin A. Rosenbaum, of Edgerton

Douglas S. Spears, of Evansville; and Prakong Spears, of Evansville