Calhoun to host CD release concert Aug. 8

Photo provided This promotional photo shows Josh Calhoun, a local musician who is hosting a CD release party on Aug. 8 in Milton.

MILTON COURIER - Milton native and former Citizen Way band member Josh Calhoun has released new music in a full-length solo album titled "The A Sides *& The B Sides."

On Aug. 8, Calhoun will be hosting a CD Release Concert at the Milton Seventh Day Baptist Church,�720 E Madison Ave., to showcase his new songs and share some stories behind them. The concert begins at 6 p.m.

The Milton Courier contacted Calhoun to see what he's been up to.

Q.) Was doing a solo album something you were always interested in doing or long in the works or how did this come about?

A.) I never intended on releasing a full-length solo album but I had all of these songs that had gone unheard and my wife continued to encourage me to put them out there.�After I came off the road from touring with Citizen Way, I took a small hiatus from performing original music until a friend said the right thing in the right way at the right time that led me to put out this album.

Q.) You are a multi-talented musician. What instruments do you play in addition to vocals?

A.) Drums were my first love, I took piano lessons as a kid, and I learned four chords on an acoustic then suddenly was put in charge of the student-led service at Judson University. and the rest is history. I was able to play guitar, drums and piano on this record but I've also played more eclectic instruments such as the saxophone and accordion for various gigs.�

Q.) Who helped you put the album together (and in what capacity)?

A.) I recorded the album up in Minneapolis with my friend and producer Aaron Ankrum.�It was a process that spanned over two years and many trips up to the Twin Cities. I also had a variety of friends record on the album with me.�Ben Blascoe, who was one of the founding members of Citizen Way with me, played bass on a couple of the tracks; Joel Hanson, of the band PFR, tracked some guitars and vocals as well as Steve Goold on drums for How Sweet the Sound. �Alayna Newell sang on a majority of the songs and co-wrote Wonderful Lord with me. Jon Martinez, Jasper Nephews, Ben Noble and Christian Ankrum also shared their instrumental talents. �I love to collaborate and creating a record is such a great way to do that.

Q.) What does this album mean to you?

A.) I have been crafting these songs over the past five years and am now (finally) releasing them. Many of these songs I wrote while on the road with Citizen Way�and some of them I wrote in the quiet places of my home church in Milton (Milton Seventh Day Baptist Church) and my home studio. These are my stories and my psalms - songs of the good moments and songs of the bad, both the A sides and the B sides of life.

Q.) What else have you been up to? Work? family, where are you guys living now?

A.) Just about 3 years ago, right before my second daughter was born, I stepped away from touring with Citizen Way. I did this so I could be home much more frequently than I had and share in the early years of my kiddos lives.�I'm so loving getting to be a part of every day with my wife and three kids and being here to witness all of their "firsts," things that I had so often missed while on the road. God is so good and led me to a new local career in music. I am now the creative arts director at Central Christian Church in Beloit. God continues to put songs in my heart and I will continue to sing them and share them as He calls. My album, "The A Sides and The B Sides," is a collection of some of those songs.