Real Estate Transactions

Dec. 2015

Rock County

City of Beloit

Dec. 1

2419 Palmer Dr.; US Bank to For Him Inc.; $50,000

2155 Elmwood Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Sarah M. Neuenschwander to JP Morgan Chase Bank; no fees listed

1121 Oak St.; Amy C. Brandenburg to GH LLC; $36,500

Dec. 2

1255 Central Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Thomas M Dapper to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 4

728 Bayliss Ave.; Russell D McBride to Federal National Mortgage; no fees listed

Dec. 7

166 Middle St.; Holevas & Silva Cobos LLC to Abraham Cortez; no fees listed

Dec. 8

3745 Golden Eagle Dr.; MLG/BRC Beloit LLC to New Leaf Homes LLC; $25,000

Dec. 9

819 Park Ave.; Mark A Douglas to Red Bone Properties LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 11

2020 Fairfax Ave.; Debbra & Kenneth Vander Geest, Rock County Sheriff to Wells Fargo Financial WI Inc.; no fees listed

Dec. 14

604, Unit 260 Pleasant St.; Heritage View LLC to Richard M & Lori A Star TR; $157,500

Dec. 15

7390 9th St.; Debra Weston to Wisconsin Investment Properties LLC; $24,000

2639 Sunshine Lane; School District of Beloit to Madison Pentecostal Assembly Inc.; no fees listed

3726 Minnie Lane; Mark C & Pollyanna Franklin to Wells Fargo Bank; no fees listed

804 Harrison Ave.; Bank of America to Richard R Grondahl; $23,900

Dec. 16

1612 Henderson Ave.; Illinois Band & Trust to David Froemming; $50,000

828 McKinley Ave.; Delft LLC PLTF to Terry Russell & Rose M Montgomery Def, Rock County Def; no fees listed

Dec. 17

2225 Cranston Road; Gary H & Debra M Brabazon TR to Brabazon Properties LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 18

2660 Prairie Ave.; Antonina Laudicina, Simone Pedone to 2121 Milton Avenue Property LLC; $90,000

Dec. 21

1750 Golden Eagle Court; New Leaf Homes LLC to Gerald E Pulaski; $206,000

1820 Campus Dr.; Shirley Shear to Martin Family Management LLC; $68,000

Dec. 23

1418 McKinley Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Monica Casique to US Bank; no fees listed

Dec. 28

335 Vernon Ave.; Larry S Hansen, Richard J Lang, Lang & Hansen Properties DBA to Larry S & Vickie A Hansen; $57,500

Dec. 29

1977 Greenview Dr.; Rock County Sheriff, Gloria G Axelson, aka Gloria G Bassett to Kimball A & Jennifer J Opheim; $35,100

1622 Vine St.; RDM Enterprise LLC to WEP Enterprise LLC; $45,900

1732 Jackson St.; DK Home Improvement Enterprises to Anthony & Diane L Nuzzo; $37,000

1804 Fayette Ave.; Housing & Urban Development to Rosalio & Maricela Martinez; no fees listed

Dec. 30

731 Elm St.; All States Investments LLC to FL 731 Elm Beloit; no fees listed

Dec. 31

2225 Cranston Road; Brabazon Tr to Brabazon Properties LLC; no fees listed

City of Janesville

Dec. 1

2225 Cranston Road; Rock County Sheriff, Jordan D. & Alisha Edwardson to Wells Fargo Bank; no fees listed

1921 Mayfair Dr.; Rock County Sheriff, Chad M Roeske to Zach Getchel; $71,300

338 N. Oakhill Ave.; John W Sarnow to Wienke Properties LLC; $66,000

221 E. Burbank Ave.; Helgesen Propterties Inc to Helgesen Development; no fees listed

Dec. 2

2315 Beloit Ave.; Beloit Avenue Property Group LLC to Backyard Properties of Rock County LLC; $2,666,000

3773 Ridge Dr.; Bonson Construction LLC to Robert & Marcia Malone; $262,000

503 Milton Ave.; City of Janesville to Teresa M Piehl, US Bank; no fees listed

925 Milton Ave.; City of Janesville to Gary W & Izetta A Weir, Kevin Stavn, Capital One Bank, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Midland Funding LLC; no fees listed

1319 Creston Park Dr.; City of Janesville to Judah Creston LLC, PT Chi Creston LLC, Creston Park LLC, 1945 Melrose LP, Northbrook Bank & Trust, Barclays Bank PLC; no fees listed

Dec. 3

227 Elliott St.;Matt Martin Real Estate Management LLC to Cabrera Iascano Maria Ventura, Efrain Alvarez; no fees listed

2219 Green Valley Dr.; Aaron T Leeder TR to WI Department of Transportation; no fees listed

4022 Huntington Ave.; Patrick M & Patricia A Bucholtz to Advantage Homes Inc.; $46,500

Dec. 4

1003 E.Racine St.; Rock County Sheriff, Toby S & Katrina A Allison to Associated Bank; no fees listed

652 Sussex Dr.; Federal National Mortgage to Robert W Mansur TR; no fees listed

1134 Church St.; Primestar Fund I TRS INC to Wienke Properties LLC; $54,000

1002 Eisenhower Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Richard T & Michelle M Hayden to Wisconsin Elite Sports Warhawks LLC; $61,100

1920 Green Valley Dr.; 3104 Randolph & 1920 GV LLC to Eric B Norby & Carol J Zilliox; $189,900

645 S. Main St.; Federal Home Loan Mortgage to AZR Financial Inc; no fees listed

Dec. 7

4334 Pheasant Run; Wells Fargo Bank to Veterans Affairs; no fees listed

619 Eisenhower Ave.; Blackhawk Community CR UN to Rosalind Voegeli; $37,000

Dec. 10

2 S. Martin Road; Rock County Sheriff, Daniel J. Eldridge to Federal National Mortgage; $99,300

Dec. 14

2206 Cottonwood Dr.; Marie R Hipsher to WI Department of Transportation; no fees listed

2212 Cottonwood Dr.; CLW Real Estate Inc. to WI Department of Transportation; no fees listed

2413 Green Valley Dr.; Allen E & Julie M Roth to WI Department of Transportation; no fees listed

511 S. Locust St.; Bruce N & Janice B Knutson to Knuson Services LLC; no fees listed

171 Cherry St.; Bruce N & Janice B Knutson to Knuson Services LLC; no fees listed

2204 Bond Place; Rock County Sheriff, Sean L Anderson to HRB Mortgage Holdings LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 15

2218 E. Racine St.; Dennis Nichols, Rock County Sheriff, Georgia Schwartz to Federal National Mortgage; no fees listed

432 S. Blackhawk St.; Crosby Avenue Storage LLC to Chris Bourgeous; $117,000

Dec. 16

2804 Dartmouth Dr.; Veterans Affairs to Ryan L Bills, Trisha M Martin; no fees listed

Dec. 17

1916 Clover Lane; Crosby Avenue Self Storage LLC to Jean C.T. & Jessica L Stech; $118,900

253 S. High St.; B&G Properties LLC to H&H Building Rentals LLC; $19,000

2702 King St.; Betty J Schultz Est to John P Schneider LLC; $65,000

1203 N. Sumac Dr.; James M Tripamer to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 18

526 Eisenhower Ave.; Associated Bank to Burr Oak Properties LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 21

1618 E. Racine St.; AF Facility W002 Janesville LLC to Lenzendorf Real Estate LLC; $700,000

703 Yuba St.; JRPR Capitol LLC to Holly C Brown; $107,000

1126 Hawthorne Ave.; Bel Kay Investments Inc. to RYA Counes; $112,000

Dec. 22

631 Midland Road; JSP Properties LLC to SHM Properties LLC; no fees listed

Dec. 23

1401 W. Court St.; Voigt Music Center Inc. to J&R Liquor Inc.; $139,400

1518 Lafayette St.; 1518 Lafayette St. LLC to Kristeen C & Andrew J Jones; $89,900

Dec. 28

522 Miller Ave; HRB Mortgage Holdings LLC to Alyssa K Weber; $90,000

1509 S. Grant Ave.; Dannie E & Joeann L Evans to Dannie and Joeann Evans Ministries; $207,600

Dec. 29

1820 N. Washington St.; Dearborn Street Holdings LLC to Paul J Martindale ; $100,000

3912 Kestrel Point Dr.; Kim Kakuske to Hurley Homes LLC; $20,000

2701 Milton Ave.; J&C Double Infinite LLC to HXNT Equities LLC; $1,450,000

Dec. 30

4264 E. Rotamer Road; ARD Investments LLP to Riverfront Foundation Inc.; $225,300

Dec. 31

936 Wlker St.; JVL Home Buyers LLC to Edward A Oliver; $30,000

4 lapidary Lane; Falling Creek Village Condominium Association Inc. to Judie A Millard; no fees listed

2105 Mole Ave.; Michael E & Jessica L Wendelschafer Def to Marting Family Management LLC PLTF; no fees listed

1519 and 1531 S. Washington St.; Sandra J Wagman to South Washington Street Partners LLC; no fees listed


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