MAY 2015


City of Beloit

May 1

3750 Golden Eagle Dr.; MLG/BRC Beloit LLC to Scott Formankiewicz; $13,500

1426 Lincoln Court; Federal National Mortgage to Brandy Ford; no fees listed

2096 Colony Court; JPI Enterprises LTD to NHPCO WIsconsin LLC; $390,000

May 4

2602 Colley Road; Ho-Chunk Nation to Wis. Dept. of Transportation; no fees listed

May 5

1120 6th St.; Duane D & Denise A Bills Larsen to LMS Investments LLC; $33,000

1148 W Grand Ave.; Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Housing and Urban Development; no fees listed

May 7

1307 8th St,; Priscilla M Brooks to Wells Fargo Financial WI Inc; no fees listed

1104 E. Grand Ave.; Finnegan Brothers Storage LLC, Voss Investments LLC to Finnegan Brothers Storage LLC; no fees listed

May 8

1522 St. Lawrence Ave.; US Bank to LMS Investments LLC; $30,000

May 11

3225 Prairie Ave.; BRP US Inc to County of Rock; no fees listed

2441 Skyline Dr.; Rock County Sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage

May 12

1633 6th St.; Franklin Property Holdings LLC to Wisconsin Investment Properties LLC; $40,000

May 13

1043 Vine St.; Wells Fargo Bank to Housing & Urban Development; $61,700

1612 Henderson Ave.; Rock County Sheriff to Illinois Bank & Trust; no fees listed

854 Henry Ave.; Angel L Rodriguez to Mexico Dominicana Inc.; no fees listed

May 14

1449, 1443 Townline Ave.; Dennis C Courtney to Federal National Mortgage; no fees listed

930 Church St.; Emerson Hall Associates AKA, Emerson Hall Associates Ltd Partnership; $245,400

May 15

2310 Deer Pathway; Acorn Development LLC to Thorpe TR; $25,000

May 20

1024 10th St.; For Him Inc to Coreen L Wittwer; $45,000

May 22

2140 Hayfield Lane; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Housing & Urban Development; $146,800

May 26

2231 Tumbleweed Lane; Rock County Sheriff, Michael R Ciuba to Federal Home Loan Mortgage; no fees listed

May 27

742 Lincoln St.; US Bank to For Him Inc.; $45,100

1050 10th St.; Citi Transformation Ltd to Juana Lazaro; $15,000

May 28

1503 Cleveland St.; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Housing & Urban Development; $40,600

City of Janesville

May 1

631 Midland Road; Daniel Weitzel TR, Kirk S Weitzel TR to JSP Properties LLC; $746,500

2912 & 2900 McCann Dr.; Roscoe Development Co LLC to Forster Construction LLC, Meagan A. Suiter; $56,000

May 4

721 S. Garfield Ave.; Bruce N & Janice B Knutson to Knutson Services LLC; no fees listed

1534 Barberry Dr.; Hermes D & Joanne E Miller TR to Canyonlands LLC; $109,000

2541 S. Terrace St.; Darren P & Cynthia S Hamilton to CS2 of Janesville LLC; $20,000

1609 Center Ave.; Carter Construction to TRM Ventures LLC; $15,000

17 Forest Park Blvd.; JP Morgan Chase Bank to Debra Hottinger; $57,800

2302 Beloit Ave.; McAllen Investments LP to Backyard Properties of Rock County LLC; $335,000

May 5

2104 Beloit Ave.; Rollette Oil Co. Inc. to 2104 Backyard Properties; $800,000

4441 Sandstone Dr.; Forster Construction LLC to Denny S Maldonado; $184,300

1311 Church St.; Rock Couny Sheriff, Wayne K Mason Est to Preservation Investments LLC; $36,000

May 6

3500, 3504, 3508, 3436 Midvale Dr.; Gryphon Enterprises LLC to Midvale Apartments LLC; $4,138,000

May 7

3500 Newville Road; Lein Oil Co. Inc to DI-Ann Investments LLC; $621,200

May 11

1005 N. Parker Dr.; Brabazon Title, Theodore Frey to Richard D & Janie M Woods; no fees listed

2804 Dartmouth Dr.; Rock County Sheriff to United Security Financial; no fees listed

May 12

601 S. Randall Ave.; Janesville Partnership LLC to Randall St. Apts LLC; $445,000

2233 Humes Road; 2233 Humes Road LLC to Chleest Properties Janesville LLC; $4,500,000

467 Orchard St.; Federal National Mortgage to V6 Residential LLC; no fees listed

1217 Tyler St.; Rock County Sheriff, Joshua H. Kammeraad to Wells Fargo Bank; no fees listed

May 13

524 S. Parker Dr.; Rock County Sheriff, Rober W & Linda LU Patrow Grant; to Federal Home Mortgage; no fees listed

May 14

1400 Maple Ave,; Parker Community Credit Union to Timothy C Risch; no fees listed

2220 Hawthorne Ave.; PNC Bank to Housing and Urban Development; $90,500

May 18

501 S. Garfield Ave.; Rock County Sheriff, Jason M & Julie K. Hallett to Bank of America; no fees listed

2021 Meadowlark Lane; Richard J Holbrook Est to Blackhawk Community Cr Un; no fees listed

510 N. Garfield Ave.; Mason J Parsley & Lisa J Mades; Billet Lane Properties LLC; no fees listed

318 S. Locust St.; WI Partnership Housing Development Inc to Kara V. Strong; $85,000

May 19

645 S. Main St.; Rock County Sheriff, Patricia White-Huaman to Federal Home Loan Mortgage; no feels listed

May 21

219 Brakefield Dr.; Crosby Avenue Self Storage LLC to Jacob V & Brandi D Yungen; $115,500

29 Sauk Court; Housing & Urban Development to Jennifer M Shaw; no fees listed

3523 E. Rotamer Road; Rock County Sheriff, David O & Laurie A. Fredricks to Colonial Savings; no fees listed

May 26

21 S. Fremont St.; DMH Commercial Properties LLC to Triple P Enterprises; $121,900

613 Yuba St,; B4U Sell LLC to Leeder Companies LLC; $75,900

260 Ba Wood Lane; Federal National Mortgage to Samuel Michael Ellis Braukhoff; no fees listed

3013 Ruger Ave.; Sammy J. Meyer LP to Leeder Companies LLC; $95,000

433 Harding St.; Rock County Sheriff, Dale J De Mott to Federal National Mortgage; no fees listed

May 27

3936 Kestrel Point Dr.; Forster Construction LLC to Jeffery & Kristi Bierman; $179,900

612 Prairie Ave.; Balckhawk Community Cr Un to Abraham S Hernandez; $80,000

May 29

3302 Aurora Lane; Rock County Sheriff, Shawn G & Shelly L Strain to Anchor Bank; no fees listed

454 Mohawk Road; Rock County Sheriff, Sandra E. Moore to Wells Fargo Bank; no fees listed

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