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SAMC/B and SwedishAmerican’s organ and tissue donation committee was honored during an awards ceremony on May 17 in Wisconsin Dells.

Every ten minutes a new person joins the national transplant waiting list. An average of 22 people die each day while waiting.

Hospital professions play a critical role when it comes to tissue donation and SwedishAmerican Medical Center/Belvidere (SAMC/B) is proud to announce that it recently was awarded with the University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation (UW OTD) Excellence in Tissue Donation Award.

This was UW OTD’s first year honoring hospitals with the Excellence in Tissue Donation award. This award was given to Wisconsin Tissue Bank partner hospitals who achieved at least a 60 percent consent rate. This metric measures the collaborative work between the hospital staff and tissue bank in coordinating communication around tissue consent conversations.

In 2012, UW OTD began a collaboration with the Wisconsin Tissue Bank. In 2016, SAMC/B achieved the highest tissue consent rate, 90 percent, in UW OTD’s service area. SAMC/B has a team of staff that meets bi-monthly to support the donation program at both the Belvidere and Rockford hospital campuses. Since becoming a new tissue donation partner in 2015, SAMC/B has worked diligently to improve its program, strengthening the staff’s knowledge and improving processes.

In 2016 alone, SAMC/B’s nine tissue donor heroes have saved and improved the lives of nearly 700 people.

“SwedishAmerican Medical Group/Belvidere is extremely honored to receive the UW OTD Excellence in Tissue Donation Award,” said SwedishAmerican Organ and Tissue Donation Coordinator Jeanna Babcock. “We strive to inform families about the importance of tissue and organ donation and work our hardest to ensure their expectations and needs are met. We have a great group of individuals who work at SAMC/B and at our hospital campus and we are thrilled to know we were able to help save and improve the lives of nearly 700 individuals.”