In the movie Seabiscuit, there is a scene when the horse needs to see the other horse he is racing and look him in the eye. Seabiscuit doesn’t want to just go out and win. He wants to dominate his opponents. Humiliate them. The horse needs to be behind to find the fire to win.

Well, I guess the Bears have themselves a little Seabiscuit at quarterback. Fourth Quarter Mitch, or 4QM as I’ll call him from here on out, was looking just like the old Mitch. Unsure. Unaware. Ungood. I was ready to mail in the season after one game. I couldn’t even watch it because Reddit took down their illegal NFL streams...pretty heartbreaking news. After three quarters, the season was officially over.

But then 4QM took over. Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. He didn’t look good. He didn’t even look great. He looked spectacular. Am I back in on Mitch? Oh, I don’t know. Is Taco Bell delicious? Is there anything more delicious than an ice cold Mountain Dew on a hot summer day? Is John Wick the greatest action star of all time? Yeah, I’m thinking I’m back in on 4QM.

{p dir=”ltr”}Are there some red flags? Sure. Are the Lions terrible. Absolutely. Should Deandre Swift have caught that touchdown? Probably. But you don’t become an American hero by averting risk. Fortune favors the bold and I’m bolding after 4QM.

The Bears have a cake early schedule. Giants this week, followed by the Falcons, Colts, Bucs, and Panthers. Based on how they looked this week, I don’t see any way they aren’t 6-0. Are they going to sell Super Bowl tickets this year? Should I explore taking out a second mortgage for a ticket? I will, if I have to.

I was 10-6 last week. Not great. Not terrible. But I did get the Bears right. I did not get the Packers right, though. Boy, who knew the Vikings were just terrible. Not me. But anyway, here’s my picks for this week. Can’t wait for the 2-0 Chicago Bears.

• Cincinnati at Cleveland: I really want to pick the Bengals here because Cleveland looked beyond awful but man, it’s hard to take a rookie QB on a short week on the road in prime time. I mean, we are talking about Joe Burrow, not 4QM. I’ll take the Browns but man, they are awful. BROWNS 23, BENGALS 21.

• NY Giants at Chicago: I thought I made this clear but I’ll make it even clearer—4QM is going to win this game. He’s going to lead the Bears to the playoffs. He’s going to sign an undermarket deal because he’s selfless and wants the Bears to keep their best players (like Allen Robinson). This is a new beginning. Long live 4QM. BEARS 28, GIANTS 17.

• Atlanta at Dallas: I heard on a podcast that the Falcons are the Fantasy Falcons. Their offensive players get stats...but they don’t win. That felt perfect to me. The Cowboys have real problems on the offensive line but it won’t matter here. COWBOYS 24, FALCONS 20.

• Detroit at Green Bay: After that loss, the Lions are cooked. Did you know that Matt Patricia has been a head coach for two seasons and one game, and he has blown 11 fourth quarter leads. That’s an insane stat...insane! The Packers will roll here. Roll. PACKERS 40, LIONS 17.

• Jacksonville at Tennessee: The Jaguars showed a lot of fight and I think the Titans are overrated. Do I want to do it? Do I? No...I can’t. Not this early in the season. But I want to. TITANS 21, JAGUARS 20.

• Minnesota at Indianapolis: The Colts are favorite in this game, and I’m a little surprised. I think the Vikings are still a good team (are they?) and Phillips Rivers looks awful. I am excited to see Jonathan Taylor get full-time reps but I think the Vikings get the road win. VIKINGS 24, COLTS 22.

{p dir=”ltr”}• Buffalo at Miami: The Dolphins are bad and the Bills are a good defense that can control the clock by running the ball. They won’t get upset by bad teams very often unless Josh Allen has a horrendous game. That could happen. He’s not 4QM. But not today. BILLS 27, DOLPHINS 17.

• San Francisco at NY Jets: The 49ers are in real trouble if Kittle is out but the Jets are in real trouble no matter what. The race to see who gets fired first, Adam Gase or Matt Patricia, will be more compelling than the actual season for New York. 49ERS 28, JETS 14.

• LA Rams at Philadelphia: The Eagles offense is in utter shambles with all the injuries and even with being at home and making the Rams travel across three time zones, I just don’t see any way they can stop the Rams defense from getting pressure on Wentz all game long. RAMS 30, EAGLES 20.

• Denver at Pittsburgh: I wasn’t sure how Big Ben would look after basically a season off but he looked good and the Steelers D came up with a few big plays. The Broncos are young and may be good by year’s end but not here. STEELERS 31, BRONCOS 23.

• Carolina at Tampa Bay: Brady didn’t look very good against the Saints but also, many QBs in their first game with a new team struggled. I think the Bucs get it figured out but sticking to my no playoffs for Brady plan. BUCCANEERS 26, PANTHERS 20.

• Washington at Arizona: I’m all aboard the Kyler Murray train. Washington, despite a significant win last week, won’t do anything to stop that. Go Cards! (Not the baseball ones...I hate them.) CARDINALS 30, WASHINGTON 17.

• Kansas City at LA Chargers: The Chiefs have won 10 straight games and covered the spread in all 10 of those wins. Nothing easier than taking the Chiefs to cover. CHIEFS 42, Chargers 20.

• Baltimore at Houston: The Ravens came out like an angry team last week. The Texans need a win after losing last week. Boy, what a brutal schedule for the Texans right away, too. Just terrible. RAVENS 27, Texans 26.

• New England at Seattle: I’m all aboard the Seahawks train, too. Cam Newton keeps the Patriots competitive this year but the Seahawks will expose all the losses on defense. SEAHAWKS 31, NEW ENGLAND 20.

• New Orleans at Las Vegas: The Saints are headed to the Super Bowl. The loss of Michael Thomas will hurt but not enough to slow them down against the Las Vegas Raiders. That’s weird to write. SAINTS 28, RAIDERS 23.