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Beloit Memorial senior Sydney Prowse finished first in the 500-yard freestyle Saturday.

BELOIT—The Beloit Memorial Purple Tide split a pair of dual meets in the opening weekend of the season, defeating Janesville Parker/Evansville on Friday before falling to Middleton Saturday.

The Tide defeated Parker/Evansville 100-70 Friday evening. Winners for the Tide included a trio of relay squads. The 200-yard medley relay featuring Faith Sill, Sydney Prowse, Norah Saladar and McKenzie Jacobson took home first with a 1:59.93, while the 200-freestyle relay team of Prasia Jackson, Jacobson, Kori Burnett and Kassidy Thomas won with a 1:55 44. The 400-free relay team of Sill, Jackson, Burnett and Prowse won with a 4:06.

Individual winners against Parker/Evansville included Sill in the 50-free (2:14.75), Burnett in the 50-free (27.06) and 100-free (1:00.20), Sill in the 100-backstroke (58.21), and Prowse in the 100-breaststroke (1:17.73).

Winners against Middleton included the 200-medley with Sill, Prowse, Jackson and Burnett (2:00.34), Sill in the 50-free (25.61) and 100-butterfly (1:01.03), Prowse in the 500-free (6:05.59) and the Beloit Memorial relay team of Sill, Jackson, Burnett and Prowse (1:51.30).

The Purple Tide will be back in action Friday when they host Sun Prairie East and Madison La Follette.


200-yard medley relay: 1, Beloit (Sill, Prowse, Saladar, Jacobson), 1:59.93. 200 freestyle: 1, McCann, J, 2:11.16. 200 individual medley: 1, Sill, B, 2:14.75. 50 freestyle: 1, Burnett, B, :27.06. 100 butterfly: 1, Sitter, J, 1:08.82. 100 freestyle: 1, Burnett, B, 1:00.20. 500 freestyle: 1, Arambula-Etchell, J, 6:23.07. 200 freestyle relay: 1, Beloit (Jackson, Jacobson, Burnett, Thomas), 1:55.44. 100 backstroke: 1, Sill, B, :58.21. 100 breaststroke: 1, Prowse, B, 1:17.73. 400 freestyle relay: 1, Beloit (Sill, Jackson, Burnett, Prowse), 4:06.00. At Beloit Memorial.


200-yard medley relay: Beloit Memorial (Sill, Prowse, Jackson, Burnett), 2:00.34. 200 freestyle: Carbon, M, 2:11.88. 200 individual medley: Reihl, M, 2:25.69. 50 freestyle: Sill, BM, :25.61. 100 butterfly: Sill, BM, 1:01.03. 100 freestyle: Abozeid, M, 1:00.51. 500 freestyle: Prowse, BM, 6:05.59. 200 freestyle relay: Beloit Memorial (Sill, Jackson, Burnett, Prowse), 1:51.30. 100 backstroke: Abozeid, M, 1:03.85. 100 breaststroke: Reihl, M, 1:19.00. 400 freestyle relay: Middleton (Carbon, Abozeid, Eisele, Reihl), 4:05.28. At Beloit Memorial.