SOUTH BELOIT—The South Beloit athletic department has a new leader.

The SoBos announced head football coach Sam Cady will take over the reins as athletic director, effective immediately.

Cady replaces Joseph Hanson, who served in the role for several years.

Cady has been a staple in the South Beloit system since arriving at the school in 2015.

A graduate of Erie High School, Cady immediately became head coach of the softball program, a role he continues to fill.

After being an assistant football coach for three years, Cady took over the head coaching role in 2018. He said he’s looking forward to the new role.

“The biggest thing I’m excited about is getting to interact with the kids in all the different sports,” Cady said. “Obviously I’ve gotten a good start with football and softball, but this is going to give me the chance to support the kids in other sports, and also connect with coaches and put them in the best position to succeed.”

Cady said he looks forward to establishing a more solid youth program in all sports.

“I think we really need to get the kids involved in sports at a younger age,” Cady said. “I’ve looked into going back and connecting with kids as far back as Clark and Riverview Elementary Schools. We want to get those kids into camps and get them into games. We want them to build a connection with the coaches and with the athletes, too. We’ve got to get more interaction there.”

Adding the extensive duties of athletic director to his already brimming schedule doesn’t bother him.

“The great thing is I have great assistant coaches in both sports that can really help me out,” Cady said. “I’ve also gotten the support of our administration, which has a lot of experience with sports. I’ve reached out to a few of our former athletic directors, too, and learned some things from them.”

Cady’s introdution to the world of athletic administration certainly comes at a unique time, when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing uncertainty when it comes to the fall playing schedule.

“We’re all just sitting back and getting more information every day,” Cady said. “And we’re rolling with it to the best of our abilities. No one’s every been in this situation before, so we’re kind of making our way as we go. The most important thing is to keep our kids as safe as possible.”

On that note, Cady said the football team is planning its first workout for Monday, June 22.

“We will get them in different groups of nine with one coach with them,” Cady said. “We’ll have that schedule going pretty much all day and roll from there. Once we hit July, hopefully we’ll get the clearance to have more than 10 people at a time.”