I hit golf balls for the first time in like two months last night. We have a range here in Colorado Springs that is open late and has lights, so I went out and hit a small bucket because I’m going to play a couple rounds in the near future and don’t want to totally embarrass myself.

Whenever I have a break from golfing, I always have an “adjustment” period, meaning I hit like four balls in a row into the ground. It’s kind of embarrassing but I’ve grown accustomed to it. It could be worse. I could be my brother and do that all the time, not just after long breaks. Boom roasted.

Anyway, I was hitting my shots and looking at the people around me. Next to me was a man just pounding three woods and a woman next to him hitting some drives. Down the way were a few more people honing their game. Up on the double-decker astroturf range next to me were some teenagers who were having a great time even though they were terrible. The facility also has a par 3 course and a mini golf course along with indoor simulators. It’s a great place to practice and play.

I was watching these people and thinking about how we need more golf facilities like this. It reminded me a bit of Turtle Greens (RIP) and how so many golf courses across the country are struggling yet this one seems to be thriving because it takes everybody. It doesn’t care if you have never played before or if you play three times a week and golf needs to be more accepting. Everybody can come there and have a great time.

I follow a lot of golf people on Twitter like The Fried Egg and No Laying Up, who do a great job promoting golf for the masses, but part of me gets a little fired up whenever they mention a private club they went to and how great it was. I’m sure it was great, but most of us will never have a chance to play a private club and the stuffy private club persona is what drives people, especially beginners, away from golf.

I’ll never join a private club in my life, partly because I’m poor but even if I had the money, I’d never want to support the exclusiveness that is already doing so much to hurt the game of golf. Scotland, the home of golf, is so great because almost every course is open to the public. I was able to play Prestwick, the home of the first British Open, but I can’t play The Beloit Club? Come on.

I love golf and really hope more people play it. I don’t know how to fix all of it but I know making it easier and more accessible is one way to make it better. Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox and talk football. I was 9-5 last week. Pretty average again. That’s me...pretty average.

• Houston at Tennessee: I think I’ve underrated the Titans for long enough after Tuesday’s win. Their defense is good, their offense knows what it is and how to win, and they’ve all had COVID so they are “immune”. I think the Texans one week bounceback after BOB for fired won’t last, either. TITANS 23, TEXANS 18.

• Cincinnati at Indianapolis: The Colts are a good team with a bad QB (I know that life) while the Bengals are a bad team with a young, but probably good QB. I think the Colts are good enough to throw some defenses at Burrow that confuse him but trusting Rivers to win any games is a scary prospect. COLTS 23, BENGALS 21.

• Atlanta at Minnesota: The Vikings have played much better lately but are still only 1-4. The Falcons are also bad but what happened last week in Atlanta? A fired head coach. This one might be a stretch but I’ll take the Falcons in a surprise this week. FALCONS 24, VIKINGS 23.

• Washington at NY Giants: This pick is more for my friend John than anyone else as he desperately needs the Giants to get the top pick not just to draft Trevor Lawrence but to get Dave Gettleman fired so they can hire someone who knows what Pro Football Focus does for a living. WASHINGTON 21, GIANTS 20.

• Baltimore at Philadelphia: The Eagles are garbage while Baltimore is really good. Don’t overthink this one. RAVENS 30, EAGLES 20.

• Denver at New England: This is a reschedule from a couple weeks ago and with Cam Newton being reinstated, the Pats should win. I think the Broncos have a legit grip because of the rescheduling of this game. They could have played the Patriots without their starting QB but now are stuck facing him. Seems like a tough draw. PATRIOTS 27, BRONCOS 17.

• Cleveland at Pittsburgh: I think both these teams are paper tigers but I probably trust the Steelers more than the Browns. I feel like the Browns are just waiting to implode again so I’ll have to be proven wrong again. STEELERS 27, BROWNS 20.

• Chicago at Carolina: The Panthers are a new, hot team. Everybody loves the Panthers. However, they are still missing Christian McCaffrey and their star defensive tackle got hurt last week and will miss the season. The Bears had extra time to rest and prep. If they can get pressure on Bridgewater and make him get the ball out early, they will win. BEARS 28, PANTHERS 23.

• NY Jets at Miami: I’ll never pick the Jets. Maybe ever again. DOLPHINS 30, JETS 13.

• Detroit at Jacksonville: I’m going to pick the Lions. I don’t feel good about it. In fact, I feel terrible about it. But I’m going to do it. Someone help me. LIONS 22, JAGUARS 20.

• Green Bay at Tampa Bay: The Packers will probably win this game but the Bucs have a good defense and their offense can score, a combination the Packers haven’t faced yet this season. However, I don’t think the Bucs are the team that will knock Green Bay off the undefeated path. PACKERS 27, BUCCANEERS 24.

• LA Rams at San Francisco: Boy, this game looked really good like two months ago. Now, the 49ers are wondering if Nick Mullens or CJ Bethard will start and hoping to get back to .500 while the Rams are hoping to bury them in the standings. RAMS 27, 49ERS 23.

• Kansas City at Buffalo: I just can’t pick against the Chiefs. Anyone who bets against the Chiefs is asking for trouble, and I’m not asking for trouble...at least not today. CHIEFS 24, BILLS 21.

• Arizona at Dallas: I feel terrible for Dak Prescott. I was watching the game live and saw his injury which led to me say “ahhhhhhh don’t watch don’t watch don’t watch” and quickly turn the channel. I hate those types of injuries because I dislocated my ankle in college and it gives me flashbacks. I would say that this will sink the Cowboys but let’s be honest, they might make the playoffs with 6 wins in that division. Yuck. CARDINALS 27, COWBOYS 14.