Baseball is a funny sport. For the first time in I don’t know how long, baseball’s offseason has been incredibly exciting. Huge contracts have been doled out, players moving leagues, the Mets overpaying for everyone. It’s been pretty exciting unless you are a Brewer fan (sorry Rex Brothers).

The signings have come far earlier than previous years. It’s partly due to this being a strong free agent class, but even when superstars were recently free agents (Bryce Harper, for example), the signing didn’t happen until after the New Year or even as late as March. This year though, it’s been fast and furious...I wonder why?


Because the MLB owners locked out the players yesterday so everyone signed before the lockout. What does the lockout mean? Well, it means the owners and MLB players union have not agreed on a new collective bargaining agreement. The players likely want one less year of service time required to reach free agency (it’s currently at 6 and severely stifles player’s salaries) and more of the revenue from expanded playoffs. I would expect the universal DH to be adopted as well. I mean, it better be. The last thing I need is seeing Freddy Peralta flailing at curveballs with two on and two outs in a 1-run game.

From what I’ve read, I’m not expecting games to be lost because players and owners lost a significant amount of money due to COVID-19, and they won’t want to lose more home games or, more important, advertising time for televised games. But man, isn’t this just classic baseball?

The NFL has been great at getting people to pay attention during the offseason. Baseball hasn’t, but finally had some momentum building but suddenly we all realize it’s because of the lockout and players wanting to get signing bonuses and security before the season potentially being shut down. I love baseball, but it really can’t get out of its own way sometimes.

It’s also been a bit frustrating as a Brewer fan. They’ve made zero moves of significance (not that I expected any but I certainly wanted some) and rumblings from New York have David Stearns potentially considering a jump to the Mets next offseason. I don’t like it. Not one bit.

But all hope is not lost. The night is darkest before the dawn (which I don’t actually believe I am guessing it’s darker at like 2 am or something but whatever).

There are still some moves out there for the Brewers to make once things get figured out. Please note that nothing can happen during the lockout, so you won’t hear many Brewer stories until the two sides agree to a new deal, but here is what they should do.

They need an impact bat and Matt Olson makes the most sense, but I’m not sure the Brewers value their first base spot enough to deal significant prospects for Olson. Making a deal for Bryan Reynolds from the Pirates though might make a lot of sense. He can play RF, doesn’t strike out (18%) and walks over 10% of the time while hitting over .300 two of the last three years. He isn’t a free agent until 2026, either, so he’s not a rental. He’s the anti-Brewer hitter, so he’s perfect.

This would cost a significant prospect haul, but the Brewers window is now. Pitchers are getting huge contracts in free agency and the Brewers are one of the few teams in baseball that doesn’t have to buy any starters because they have 5-6 legit MLB starters already on the team and maybe 1-2 more in the minors. They need to improve their offense now.

Another potential option is third basemen Matt Chapman from Oakland, though he’s a bit more of the same compared to what we already have with a high K rate, some power, and good defense.

They probably need to add some bullpen arms, but as of right now, adding an impact batter would be the most important move. For a darkhouse candidate, Ketel Marte of the Diamondbacks would be a great addition, but unlikely to get dealt.

If the Brewers could make a deal for Reynolds and get Yelich sort of fixed, they would be in a good spot again this season. Woodruff, Burnes, and Peralta as as good of a 1-2-3 as you’ll find so getting them a team that can score like, four runs a game, should be all you need. I can’t take another season of scoring 1 run and striking out 17 times.

I also can’t take another week of my terrible NFL picks. And they are terrible. I had nine right last week thanks to the Bears eeking out the win over the Lions. Also, don’t worry, everyone. The new coach article for the Bears is in the wings...just waiting for the official word. Here are this week’s picks.

Picks: Cowboys, Bucs, Cardinals, Bengals, Vikings, Dolphins, Eagles, Colts, WFT, Rams, Ravens, 49ers, Chiefs, Bills.

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