WALWORTH, Wis.—Gus Foster broke the Big Foot all-time career scoring record in true Gus Foster fashion.

Which is to say, he didn’t even know he broke the record.

“I knew I was close going into the game,” Foster said about Big Foot’s Wednesday night tilt at Burlington. “But I was scoreless in the first half, and it was really out of my mind. I didn’t even think about it until coach told everybody on the bus after the game that I had broken it.”

Foster now has 1,236 points, breaking Logan Eischeid’s record, in the second half of Wednesday’s 50-41 loss. Foster, as humble off the court as he is dominating on it, didn’t put too much stock into the accomplishment.

“To be honest, I didn’t really think of it as a huge deal,” Foster said. “I wish we would’ve won the game, especially going into holiday break. I think the all-time school record (set by Reagan Courier) is only about 100 more points, so that would be cool to get that.”

Foster is continuing his terrific career amongst uncommon surroundings: The Chiefs are winning.

After years of struggle, the Chiefs are 4-1 in Rock Valley Conference play, and 5-3 overall. Foster, averaging 23.3 points and 11 rebounds per game, is loving every minute of it, on and off the floor.

“We’re just having a lot of fun,” Foster said. “And it’s really all about this group of guys. Knowing that we have a chance to do something for the first time in a very long time for the program is really cool, but at the end of the day, the stuff that happens in the locker room and off the court is much more important to all of us. I’ve never seen a group that gets along like this one does.”

Foster, along with fellow seniors Tyler Wilson and Alex Schmitz, have led a resurgence for a team that won 22 games combined in their first three years.

“A lot of us have been working together for a long time, and that builds up a mutual respect,” Foster said. “And it’s not just the guys playing. The dudes on the bench who don’t et as much time are so loud and into the game. It feels great going into the locker room knowing everyone has everyone else’s back, on the court and on the bench.”

His terrific hoops season comes on the heels of an outstanding cross country campaign, which was capped by a trip to the WIAA Division 2 state meet in Wisconsin Rapids.

Foster isn’t yet certain of his college plans.

“I’m trying not to think about it too much right now,” Foster said. “Our season is still going on and that’s going to be my focus. I’m kind of narrowing it down. I got a preferred walk-on offer from Sioux Falls, but I’m still far away from a decision right now.”

Big Foot coach Hunter Price said Foster has been critical to the program’s resurgence.

“I started coaching him when he was a sophomore, and right away you could tell that he wanted to be there, and he wanted everyone else to be there,” Price said. “He’s been the heart and soul of building our culture. He’s more worried about the team than he is about himself. All the individual accolades, he’s trade that in for more team success. He just embodies the spirit of the team, and he’s done that since day one.”

Price agrees the team’s ability to get along has been a significant factor.

“We had a Christmas part recently, and I was looking around, everyone having fun, and I just thought that there wasn’t a single bad apple on this team,” Price said. “I haven’t had one parent email me the entire season, and that’s never happened to me, whether I was coaching JV or varsity. It’s just a great group to work with.”

Foster’s impact on the court is obvious.

“He plays all five positions for us,” Price said. “He’s going to set the rebound record, points record, and the record for most field goals and free throws. Michael Dowden collected all the records for Big Foot, and I texted him last night to send it over to me, because we are going to have to re-write this record book.”

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