Hononegah DeVries

Trent DeVries was one of the top shooters in the Stateline.

ROCKTON—Trent DeVries wasn’t about to sit idly by and watch his senior year drift away.

Not when he had options.

Devries, expected to be one of the top players in the NIC-10 this season while finishing his career at Hononegah, is instead matriculating at Madison Southern High School in Barea, Kentucky.

After the NIC-10 declared they would follow Gov. Pritzker’s orders to shut basketball down, DeVries and his father began to take a look around.

“We’ve got a place up north and a place in Florida that were options,” DeVries said. “But the one that made the most sense was in Kentucky. John Hemenway is one of my dad’s best friends, and he lives here in Barea. We talked to the coach and he was open to me coming down there.

“So last Thursday, we packed up and move here, and I’ve practiced with them twice already. They have some really good players and they’ve been great to me so far.”

DeVries said his eligibility is still up in the air, but he feels good regarding the outcome.

“In talking to the athletic director and the principal, they said we should be good because we are doing it the right way,” DeVries said. “My dad and I actually moved here, we live in the district and we are following all the rules they have. From what I’ve been told, I might miss our first two games, but starting in December, I should be eligible.”

DeVries said the school is virtual-only right now, as mandated by state law due to the fact that they are in a COVID-19 hot zone. He’s been told the school might go to a hybrid model in January.

DeVries said that he’s not yet sure what his role will be at Madison Southern, a school with an enrollment of 1,201.

“I’ve only had a couple of practices, so it’s hard to tell,” DeVries said. “Honestly, I was really nervous about coming in and just how the other guys would react, because I’m obviously trying to play as much as I can, just like they are. But everyone has been very welcoming so far, and have totally accepted me.”

DeVries’ stated goal is to play college basketball, and his junior season was solid, but hampered by the fact that he was never 100 percent after tearing his ACL in the summer before the season.

Now, his knee is healthy, and DeVries is eager to prove to whomever may be watching he’s able to play at the next level.

“That was definitely my main motivation for moving,” DeVries said. “The most recent film of me is from last year, and it’s not really showing the way I’m able to play now. I’m pretty much 100 percent now. It will flare up every once in a while, but otherwise I’m good to go.”

DeVries said this is certainly far from the senior year he had envisioned growing up.

“Jarrett Strate-Lutzow and I would always talk about how great our senior year was going to be. And I really think we were set to have a great year, too. We had a lot of guys coming back from last year’s team that finished so strong. But when the call happened, I just couldn’t sit around and wait to see if maybe they would have had a shortened season in the spring. I had a chance to play, and I took it.”