Parkview’s Avery Crane already has one first place finish on the season and is searching for more.

ORFORDVILLE, Wis.—Avery Crane is making the most out of his senior season.

Crane, a cross-country runner for Parkview, saw early in the summer that he had a chance to make an impact in the fall season, a rare feat for mostly inactive athletes in the area.

Parkview is one of the few schools in Rock County to move ahead with at least some sports, and cross country made the cut. However, a recent positive test in the high school has shuttered in-person learning, as well as the cross country team.

The Vikings’ meet last weekend was canceled, and their scheduled meet Tuesday in Fontana is up in the air.

Crane had a solid junior season, which concluded with him running a 19:09 in the WIAA Division 3 sectional meet. The 54th-place finish left him hungry for an improved senior season, and thus far improvement has been the name of the game.

Crane came away with his first every first-place finish in a triangular meet with Waterloo and Lake Mills on Sept. 4, giving him a memory to treasure.

The Daily News spoke with Crane Tuesday night as the Vikings prepare for their next meet, which will take place Tuesday in Fontana.

BDN: What has it been like this week not being able to go to practices?

Crane: “It’s definitely been a lot different. But this is definitely something we’ve all been through before in the spring, and then again in the summer. We’ve got a group chat where we arrange sessions to run together. We try to get everyone there and hold everyone accountable.”

BDN: What made you motivated to get in great shape this summer?

Crane: “For the most part, not having a track season last year and wanting to come back and be better than I was last year. And a main part for our team was coming off two conference championships like we were, we wanted to be able to repeat again.”

BDN: What was it like to cross the finish line first in Palmyra?

Crane: “It was awesome. I’ve never run a race like that before, and I’ve been running for a long time. It just goes to show you that hard work pays off. Even though it was only one meet, that will give me a lot of confidence when I’m running against really tough competition.”

BDN: In a strange year like this with so many athletes not ale to compete at all, has it been nice just to be able to do things like go to practice?

Crane: “It’’s been a lot of fun honestly. Even though practices are tough, everyone on the team is really enjoying it a lot and making the most out of it.”

BDN: What kind of goals do you have for the rest of the season?

Crane: “My biggest goal is to win the conference title. I’d love to be able to cross that finish line in first. I’d also like to improve my times, and get them down to the low 17’s.”

BDN: As you look ahead to the rest of your year, are you optimistic that there will be sports after cross country?

Crane: “I’m not too sure, honestly, especially with how it’s going so far with us already being closed. But things change by the day, so the best you can do is cross your fingers and hope that everyone makes good choices so that we can all compete.”