Happy New Year! As we hope for a healthier new year with 2022, I wanted to share some memories I’m grateful for from 2021. Many of which are from being a member of FACT, Wisconsin’s youth tobacco prevention movement.

Even though it’s difficult for us to get out in the community and participate in our events we still meet often to talk, hang out and plan how we can educate our peers and younger youth about the dangers of tobacco.

During the pandemic we have met legislators virtually which has been such a great experience because we got to share what we are doing with our state leaders, but we also got to meet them in their home environment. It was great to see they are people just like us that care about the harms of tobacco.

I’m excited to see what impact our group is going to have in 2022. I am seeing so many of my peers experimenting with vaping, and I am excited to share the knowledge I am learning constantly about the dangers of this. I truly believe we can make a difference and help young people see the dangers, so they won’t start.

As a member of FACT, a youth-driven movement of Wisconsin teens spreading the truth about tobacco, I hope to educate my peers and community about the dangers of tobacco including vapes. Let’s make 2022 the best year yet by helping teens live tobacco and vape free! Visit FACTmovement.org to learn more about the work of FACT groups throughout the state.


Rock County Fact Group


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