Visionary NorthStar promise is taking shape right here.

Back around 2006, when NorthStar was founded with plans to build in Beloit, the biggest task for most of us was trying to understand just what it was this company intended to do.

This may be an exaggeration, but not by much: Most Americans were napping through science and math classes.

NorthStar’s mission was to produce complex nuclear medical radioisotopes in the United States, ending dependency on foreign sources, and to do so in a reliable and environmentally safe manner. For most local folks that is not exactly the stuff of everyday conversation.

In 2021, NorthStar is an American and Beloit success story. NorthStar worked its way through a thicket of processes and permits and partnerships to become a sound and reliable producer. The company built its headquarters in Beloit’s Gateway Business Park and routinely has added on more size as growth demanded. Last week NorthStar’s leaders, along with state and local officially, broke ground for a facility to house the firm’s next production stage.

It truly marks a meteoric rise in a complex field for a company with a bright future in our community.

A lot of folks around here may not understand NorthStar much more today than they did a decade ago, and that’s fine. Suffice to say all anyone really needs to know is that NorthStar provides a crucial product that is capable of saving lives every day, and the company’s growth potential is enormous which bodes well for the local economy.

Congratulations are due the NorthStar team, including key investor and local entrepreneur Diane Hendricks. The vision behind this project truly has been revolutionary, and the fact it has taken place in Beloit is proof that nothing is beyond our reach.

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