I assume that political leaders are intelligent, educated and informed. Should we assume that when they share disinformation, they are lying?

Republican leaders know enough about medical science and research to understand how the COVID-19 crisis needs to be addressed.

Now, Republican leaders know that there was little/no voter fraud. They know that Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris won. They know that Wisconsin's elections were free and fair.

But Wisconsin Republicans continue to share propaganda and lie to constituents about 2020 elections.

Their hostile partisanship, aggressive refusal to listen to/follow scientific recommendations, and negligence in serving and protecting our own citizens have cost lives. Their actions and inactions have killed Wisconsin citizens.

Their attacks on our free and fair elections are dangerous. They are undermining democracy and the rule of law. Domestic terrorism is a real threat to all of us.

Many voters now believe in conspiracy theories, get news from YouTube and Epoch Times, refuse to read newspapers, and hate their fellow citizens thanks to Republican leadership.

What are we citizens going to do about it? Gerrymandering in Wisconsin has brought us to the point that many lawmakers cannot be voted out. Gerrymandering keeps them in office and they are responsible to no one.

Support the Wisconsin Fair Maps Coalition. We cannot solve these problems in the voting booth because of gerrymandering. We have to have fair maps.

Vivian Creekmore,