Does anyone believe that the state of the art education building, the Kolak Center, cannot get cable access?

During the regular board meeting, you could not get a consistent feed on YouTube so we are restricted in our ability to know what is happening, what is being considered and what decisions are made until after the board has acted. Talk about suppression!

What has happened to our cable access channel 991? It has gone dark. How can this building be in operation for nine months and the public believe that cable has not been installed. Perhaps the Beloit Daily News can use their power of the press to investigate what has actually prohibited access to cable at a new building paid for by the public.

So the board votes to accept the resignation of one of the co-superintendents. However, they “will compensate Dr. Beckley in accordance with the fact that he worked hours significantly above what we had expected.” Does this mean they will be paying him the total of $60,000 he was to be paid for work through June?

You can only wonder if the staff in the building would agree that any trust rebuilding had occurred. Who can count how many administrators this board has relieved of their duties and made significant financial agreements? Don’t forget, you are paying for these deals.

Dorothy Harrell