Who’s your servant, who’s your master?

For some success is their servant, for others their master.

For some you can’t have enough money, for others it’s a tool to better our world.

For some hate drives their being, for others they are their brother’s keeper.

Some see beauty in porn, others see beauty in all people.

Some see the wonder in living, others wonder why they’re here.

Some observe God’s command to love their neighbor, while others live in gated communities.

Some see themselves as superior, others see all men/women as created equal.

For some their ego is their master, for others peace and empathy is theirs.

For some a lie is not a lie and respect is for past generations, for others those are among the pillars of civilization and essential to our future.

Some see miracles and hope each day, others see greed, envy, and death.

Some work tirelessly with gratitude, others will covet and steal.

Some see only one point of view while others seek truth and fact before they take a side.

For some their master demands absolute loyalty to him before God and country, for others God and country come first.

Who is your master?



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