Republican or Democrat – what is the cost to us?

We have a party and president who stand for the elimination of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and protections for preexisting medical conditions. A relief package for working class America, small business, and the states is refused discussion in the Republican Senate. Their solution for the COVID crisis is herd immunity. Really?

Let’s stop pretending this party is the “conservative” party. This is not conservatism. Former Republican President Eisenhower supported Social Security, increased the minimum wage, built the freeway system, and promoted many policies that were good for working class Americans while seeking to balance the budget. He also served his country in the military and was not a loser or sucker!

The Republican Party of today and this president don’t give a darn about the people who elected them. It is populated by Libertarians on one hand and far right lap-dogs who do the bidding of the donor class on the other. This party is bankrupt of ideas and has lost the ability to govern. To say it needs reform from the bottom up is a total understatement.

If you vote Republican you are voting against your own interests, unless of course you’re a billionaire. How do you not see this? Are you going to hug this bomb to the end? I cannot.

George Wen