I am grateful for the experiences of grassroots democracy that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. One of these took place during the December 2016 Presidential Election recount throughout Wisconsin, as requested and paid for by the Green Party.

I was one of the volunteer observers for the Democratic Party (each party had observers) and tabulator at the Rock County recount which lasted eleven days. There was a major volume of ballots (over 76,000 ballots were cast), and a large team that included tabulators (over 160 from all 96 of the County’s reporting units), municipal clerks and poll workers. This team was skillfully and professionally led by our Rock County Clerk Lisa Tollefson, who earned the respect of everyone involved. She constantly referred to the work as a team effort. I even invited colleagues to bring their students to observe this great civics lesson in which everyone was dedicated to achieving a correct count, regardless of their personal political views.

Lisa Tollefson was always willing to take the time to answer any of our questions and explain any of the procedures. Since then she has continued to be helpful in answering any questions I have. What Lisa does has resulted from years of training and experience, and she’s clearly determined to serve every person in our county.

I believe Lisa Tollefson has been doing an excellent job, and I will vote for her by August 11. If you do your homework, I believe you will too.

Mark Fuller