Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

This phrase is a familiar one to many Americans. It comes from one of our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence. Have you ever considered why "life" was listed first and foremost?

Those who decided on crafting these words were wise in doing so. It is logical and fundamental, for no one can have liberty without life. No one can pursue happiness without first being born.

President Trump is the first to attend the March for Life in person. He has continued to be a champion for those citizens yet to be born and has enacted many policies to help support families. In contrast, the Biden team advocates for the unmitigated destruction of the pre-born at any time prior to the due date and with taxpayer money.

Some would call me a "one issue voter." I'm fine with that, because life really is the most important consideration. A vote for Trump is a vote to save lives, our future, and America.

Miriam Williams


Pro-Life Wisconsin

Rock County Chapter