Our nation is in chaos and moving ever closer to either anarchy or a dictatorship. To avert this kind of disaster several major steps must begin now.

The first being a return to God. Read 2nd Chronicles, Chapter 7-14; the essence being, if His people will humble themselves, pray and seek His face, He will heal their land. Read it.

The second step is to return to a solid traditional family. This applies to all families but especially African-American families. It means a married father and mother committed to God, themselves and their children. And it means a strong father presence. Parents have only a short time, maybe 10 or 12 years of major influence to raise moral and mature adults. That requires lots of time and energy and it takes both parents. In my professional mental health career, I have seen a lot of boys and young men who felt abandoned, very angry and unprotected; they had a big hole in their heart. It takes a man to raise a boy.

The third crucial step is for African-Americans and especially the leadership to renounce the worn out, self defeating thinking of blaming others. Look in the mirror. “Systemic racism” is dead! Chasing that ghost only promotes interpersonal conflict and prevents reconciliation. Stokley Carmichael had it right: “Self-reliance.” And a host of historical African-American heroes have led the way by their behavior and accomplishments; the list is endless. A few examples must suffice: Booker T. Washington, WWI soldiers, the Tuskegee Airmen, Ben Carson-surgeon, Doris Miller-US Navy hero, Herman Cain, CEO and Don Bond realtor. Their common history includes a solid family, strong values, self-respect, hardworking, embracing an education, and respect for authority.

Yes, black lives matter (as do all lives). Let us focus then, on black on black crime in Chicago; 440 homicides in the 1st 7 months of 2020. And note the horrific abortion (murder) rate for African-American babies. Both of these tragic circumstances are directly traceable to chaotic and fatherless families.

Don Hilbig

Muskego, Wisconsin

(Formerly of Beloit)