The Trump corruption’s blast radius is now at a point where no metaphor is sufficient enough to describe the effect its had on our country.

This election has not only seen the Ukraine shakedown and Trump strong-arming the Georgia secretary of state to illegally find him 11,780 votes to overturn the election there, but now a terrorist coup of the center of our democracy, the people’s house.

But what saddens me even more than these three crimes, in as much as that should even be possible, is that a significant percentage of our citizens will still support this man. Our democracy has been under attack by this president and the Republican Party for four years, now, and yet so many still don’t see or understand the deep significance of all that has happened in terms of their attack on our democracy. They find conspiracy theory more attractive than facts and are lost in the right wing conspiracy theory news outlets that have captured their minds.

That is the blast radius Trumpism. To that I can only provide a cautionary quote by Somerset Maugham, “If a nation values anything more than its freedom, it will lose its freedom, the irony of it is that whatever that it values more, it will lose that too”.