We are strongly opposed to Governor Evers' extension of the ban on business and social interaction.

We are in our eighties and really worried about the economy, small business, the unemployment, and loss of productivity. We have already lost thousands from our pensions and investments. The ban through Memorial Day looms as devastating to our Wisconsin economy.

We want our Governor and legislature to work hard to reverse that ban, send healthy people back to work and protect the vulnerable. In addition to havoc and loss to the economy, the ban really now violates our freedom to assemble, worship and move freely in our society as well as the deprivation of our right to earn a living.

The statistics of cases, especially the deaths at 222, are infinitesimal, compared to the total population of close to 6 million in the state. Please open up Wisconsin.

Don and LaVerna Hilbig

Muskego, Wisconsin

(Formerly of Beloit)