The USPS is under tremendous financial strain with the pandemic. Recently they sought financial relief from the federal government to stay viable through September. Trump said he would veto any legislation that included aid for the USPS.

That’s the service that delivers your mail, medications and packages regardless of address six days a week. Package delivery has increased more than 45% with people staying home and ordering goods online for delivery.

Now Trump is manipulating the USPS to intentionally delay mail delivery, your mail delivery, in an attempt to destroy the USPS. This is being done through the efforts of his newly appointed Postmaster General, a major contributor to his campaign with no postal experience, none.

As of Saturday, July 18, postal carriers are given only 20 minutes to case their mail, another 10 to pull it down and into their delivery trucks and hit the street. This will result in literally loads of mail left intentionally on the floor of the post office instead of delivered to your residence or business.

This is being done for three reasons: 1. Intentionally delay delivery to make the post office look bad, 2. Destroy morale of mail handlers that honor their responsibility to deliver all the mail, every day to you, and 3. Sow distrust in the USPS to handle mail-in ballots so citizens (you) can avoid the polls in November with a pandemic raging.

Call your representative in Congress now (202.224.3121) and let them know how you feel.

Rick Brunton