Next month it will be one year since Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election. Trump has contended that the election was stolen from him. Sen. Ron Johnson, in a moment of candid honesty, unaware that he was being recorded conceded, that Trump lost because he didn’t get as many votes as other Republicans on the ballot. If the election was stolen someone must have the answer as to how other Republican candidates won re-election but Trump’s votes were stolen.

Audits, recounts and investigations were unable to find how the votes were stolen. Court filings totaling nearly 60 cases were dismissed , many involving Trump appointed judges, because no one from the Trump camp could provide the answer as to how the votes were stolen. One would have thought that at least one of the numerous books about the Trump administration written in the past year would have addressed the issue.

Even now when members of the Trump administration are asked to testify about the [1/6/2021] attempt to disrupt the Electoral College vote counting at the Capitol; no one will share how the vote theft occurred. Surely Assembly Speaker Robin Vos has the answer. He traveled south to meet with Trump and came back and authorized a $676,000 investigation into Wisconsin’s 2020 election. You don’t spend that kind of money without an understanding of how Trump’s votes were supposedly stolen in Wisconsin.



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