Senator Ron Johnson, who spends all his time spewing lies on Fox News and groveling to his big corporate donors, couldn’t care less about his constituents and what’s good for Wisconsinites. This pandemic is never going to end if Sen. Johnson and other politicians like him stay in office.

We need to band together, put aside our differences, and vote Sen. Johnson out of office. Whether you’re a Democrat, Independent, Republican, Libertarian, Socialist, or something else entirely, you need to know that Sen. Johnson doesn’t care about us. He only cares about making his big corporate donors happy and staying in power. If you haven’t given him tons of money, he won’t listen to you. It should go without saying, but we shouldn’t have to pay for representation.

We deserve better. This country deserves better. America’s leaders—the people we look up to, who are supposed to be role models—need to be focused on one thing and one thing only: listening to the wants and needs of their constituents. Sen. Johnson has not only been an ineffective lawmaker; he’s been a danger to our safety and our democracy. It’s time to give him the boot.



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