The Senate Republicans acquittal of Donald Trump by running from the truth and hiding behind the constitutionality of impeaching a president who is no longer in office was a vote against democracy.

The Republican party signaled it stands for party before country, power before principle and politics before people.

Some in Congress change their party for the sake of their principles. Sadly, many change their principles for the sake of their party. Elected officials think more about the next election than the next generation. There are too many Democratic congresspersons, too many Republican congresspersons and not enough U.S. congresspersons.

The question becomes: “What’s more important: political power or principles?” Where has the concern for people gone? We see it in Wisconsin. Gov. Tony Evers says the glass is half full. Republicans say the glass is theirs!

Republican elected officials refusal to acknowledge the election results points to the insurrection as ongoing. There being no accountability for the Capitol insurrection; the coup becomes a dress rehearsal for the future rather than a failed attempt to defeat our democracy. Our government must be stripped from the grip of political parties and returned to the people if we are to fulfill our role as the world’s greatest democracy.