President Trump said he would “very much pressure” schools to reopen in the fall even as coronavirus cases continue to spike. Let’s be clear that schools reopening are a state decision.

The state and local school boards have the responsibility and power to do any number of things to protect the wellness of our communities. Let’s also be clear that you, as leaders of Rock County School Districts, are making decisions that impact real lives in the communities that you have been elected to represent.

We have watched the news as the pandemic went from being a distant outbreak to a local threat. We have also watched as the current administration’s negligence, recklessness and mishandling of the pandemic cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans who didn’t need to die. Do not kowtow to the President and fail to act on behalf of the working people and families in Rock County.

I have no doubt that everything you've been doing up to now has shaped and prepared you to act and respond to critical moments and situations, not to fold. Remember that the failure to stand up and act on behalf of what is humane, decent and ethical is doing something. As elected officials in leadership positions, dig deep now, find your true mettle and listen to the science and CDC guidelines on how to move forward. Protect the lives of the people who voted for you.

Evelyn Galindo