The November 3rd election provides only one real choice: President Donald Trump.

Yes, I am aware that he has flaws and a rough edge. He can be rude and arrogant at times and he certainly is not a smooth talking politician. He is more of a construction worker; common man kind of person. He is not afraid to fight when threatened or provoked. In fact, it is the first duty of any president to defend against any enemies, both foreign and domestic.

President Trump is a patriot, loves America and our Constitution and our way of life including capitalism, the well spring of our economic prosperity. President Trump also recognizes that God has richly blessed this nation and urges all of us to seek His face for guidance in our lives.

But aside from personal attributes and/or flaws; it is his actions/deeds that really mark him as a leader. This includes tax cuts; deregulation to stimulate the economy; defeating and ending the threat of ISIS; he rebuilt our military; brought home American manufacturing jobs; achieved energy independence (we are now #1 in world oil production); secured our borders; an overhaul of the VA Medical System; the record employment rate prior to Covid-19; and the list goes on. This despite a constant barrage of attacks by Democrats and the media.

President Trump stands for America, and he is determined to have the rule of law prevail and order in our towns and cities; the very basis for any civilization. Vote for your future on November 3rd. Vote for President Trump.

Don Hilbig

Muskego, Wisconsin

(Formerly of Beloit)