I am a retired teacher/administrator from the School District of Beloit and Deacon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, and I'm a poll worker.

Voting is a right, and we need to protect it. I’m concerned but dealing with the relatively new stringent voter ID laws which can disenfranchise voters, but I’m proud to say that Wisconsin’s Election Board decided not to get a company to create a voter database. Of the five states to receive a federal grant, Wisconsin was the only state to timely produce a comprehensive Elections Data Collection System.

Wisconsinites can also register online, vote early, and get absentee ballots, and use paper ballots. We have same day voter registration, but not all states have these options. All states need safe elections that enfranchise all its citizens. We all need to be able to vote by mail. It is safe. We also need to ensure voter and poll worker safety with the coronavirus.

Experts estimate we need at least 2 billion dollars to make sure states can prepare for these elections with the health threat. If we aren't prepared, millions of voters might be disenfranchised. Congress passed $400 million to start the process. With this threat, Congress must pass additional funding to make sure we can conduct fair elections, especially in November. Let your senators and representatives know.

Gregg Schneider