Robin Vos again made Wisconsin the scene of national reporting. Videos of bars opening their doors to unprotected patrons encouraging the spread of the coronavirus reminded us of the video of Vos clad totally in protective gear telling Wisconsinites that it was absolutely safe to gather together to vote in person in April’s election.

Back then it was Vos and Republican legislators who wouldn’t allow Wisconsin’s governor to push back the election to safeguard voters from Covid-19. Now it was Vos and Fitzgerald who would not allow the governor and his health officer to set forth rules to protect citizens from the deadly virus.

Vos and Fitzgerald ran to the Wisconsin Supreme Court claiming they had the power to set rules during a pandemic, not a health officer. The Supreme Court of course concurred and Vos and Fitzgerald immediately saw bars jump into action to serve as a petri dish to grow the virus and spread it.

For the past decade Vos has mandated that Republican agendas take precedence over the people of this state. Power and politics not the health of Wisconsinites remain Robin Vos’s objective.

Jerry Hanson