I contacted my legislators, Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, and Sen. Steve Nass, with my concerns that Covid-19 cases had grown significantly since the Wisconsin Supreme Court granted the GOP controlled legislature the power they sought to manage the pandemic.

Cases were increasing and legislative leaders Vos and Fitzgerald were providing no protective measures to slow the pandemic. I asked Loudenbeck and Nass if they would promote the wearing of face masks, social distancing, quarantine or self isolation of infected persons and other measures to protect us from the virus spread.

Sen.Nass saw no need for any action on his part. He felt the guidelines put forth by the Evers administration were well known even though they were now “non-binding.“ Nass emphasized that he did not support mandates that erode the constitutional rights of individuals. I inquired if my wife, with a fragile health condition, had a right to protection from Covid-19 infected persons.

Nass declared: “We have constitutional rights and the government can’t overreact to a virus that will be with us permanently. Further, much of what we were told about Covid-19 earlier this year has changed based on real data and scientific research that has exposed a terrible amount of fear mongering and media sensation.”

Sen.Nass believes the public has been provided ample information about Covid-19 and regardless of the virus spread, even infected people have the constitutional right to move about freely in our society.

Rep. Amy Loudenbeck did not respond.

Jerry Hanson