I have two things to say: 1) Beloit's Police Chief Zibolski deserves a standing ovation! His proactive leadership in the community has produced many good things for all people who live in Beloit.

Along those lines, I very much agree with Mr. Alan Bates' guest commentary. He objectively gave his support for law enforcement, additionally stating that those who have resorted to looting, vandalism, and crime should be prosecuted as the law-breakers they are. To do any less is to commit injustice.

Furthermore, Mr. Bates called on concerned citizens to protest peacefully to promote change. Many have tried to do this, but it has sadly been overshadowed by criminal activity in recent days. Concluding, he reminded us to vote wisely.

2) COVID-19 cases may be increasing, but the deadliness is not. It may be true that "Infection rates remain high in Rock County," but the tone creates unnecessary fear. The death rate continues to be incredibly low, as it has been from the beginning. Take Rock County, for instance: There are approximately 163,000 people living here. In total, there have been 29 deaths. That is a death rate lower than my calculator can figure.

Can viral sickness be avoided completely? As long as humans live, we will get sick. Eradicating the virus was never the goal anyway. The goal was to not overwhelm our hospitals. Today, our hospitals aren't overwhelmed. Getting sick cannot be avoided. This virus isn't as deadly as what we thought it might be in the beginning.

Jordan Cernek