I first heard the news on the car radio.

After seeing the results on TV this morning, I am filled with sadness. Reading that Trump had held a rally, reiterating that the presidency was stolen from him, before a crowd headed to the Capitol building, I see the cause as neither Republican nor Democrat. Just Trump, who really represents neither.

Neither party has a corner on "right"—meaning righteous. It has nothing to do with right versus wrong. I see the strength of the Republican Party as being guided by the law of the land. I trust Republicans to look at the laws, to evaluate them for effectiveness and fitness for the country's current situation.

I see the strength of the Democrats as taking into account the needs of the people. Are the laws being administered fairly? Are the citizens being treated equally?

A mix of both is a benefit to all. I will vote accordingly. As a citizen, I am expected to keep myself informed. For that reason, I receive both the Beloit Daily News and a statewide newspaper. The radio and TV news do not inform the mind as well as thoughtful journalists do. Yesterday's Beloit Daily News had great editorials not found in the WSJ written before the sad events of the day.

I have long felt that Trump was a party unto himself.

I pray that the Lord will bless our country, as it heals from this disaster.