Senator Nass has worked tirelessly and unceasingly to make sure that Gov. Tony Evers and Secretary Designee of the Wisconsin Department of Health, Andrera Palm, are prevented from putting forward any directives protecting Wisconsin’s citizens from the coronavirus that is ravaging our state.

Sen. Nass was ecstatic when the Wisconsin Supreme Court kneecapped Ever’s attempts to slow the virus by requiring businesses and citizens to minimize public spread. Ever’s follow-up precautionary Covid -19 protections designed to reduce person to person transmission led Nass to demand a special session of the legislature to ban any and all efforts by the governor and his designee from any rule making relative to the pandemic.

Nass was adamant that court action was too slow to halt Evers’ abuse of power. Nass contends that only the Republican controlled legislature has the power to respond to the health crisis confronting our state. Sen. Nass offers no mitigation virus plan; astonishingly claiming people are making prudent decisions to the risks presented by Covid -19 (Wisconsin ranks near the top of all states in new infections).

Sen.Nass has now determined that the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, of which he is co-chairman, has the power to suspend all provisions or parts of any emergency rule issued by a state agency. “Atta -Boy”, Sen. Nass. Surely your actions to take control of Wisconsin’s Covid-19 response will free us from this disease, killing and sickening, so many of our family, friends and neighbors.

Jerry Hanson