Summarizing and paraphrasing Victor Davis Hanson, there are 10 actions which will destroy America. (1) surrender energy independence by restricting oil production, (2) print money to pay for debt, (3) end America's borders, (4) destroy trust in elections, (5) redefine crime as rich man's crime and poor man's necessity, (6) destroy common American values across races and instead ostracize all whites as being privileged and all others as being victims, (7) abandon Afghanistan in shame and view America with no pride and mostly in contempt, (8) neuter the first amendment, (9) demonize half the country as fascists and terrorists, seek to pack the court, end the filibuster, eliminate the electoral college, bring in two more states, , and also twice impeach a president because he stood in your way, then raid his home and seek to indict him because he is your political rival, and (10) never admit responsibility for the corona virus.

We have begun to feel the impact of these in high inflation, high crime, high fentanyl deaths, further divisiveness, and loss in value of retirement accounts. And none of this even includes the damage inflicted on our children due to poor education in K-12, colleges, and universities. I fear that the impact of the damage being visited upon us may very well eventually result in loss of our nation.

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