I am so angry I could “spit nails.” Our students are struggling, we are short of teachers, our teachers are struggling, and there are board members who think the way to “fix” the budget is to cut teachers? As a past member of the board, a mother whose children all graduated from BMHS, and a past student there myself, I have some other suggestions. 1. Quit hiring all of these outside “experts” to make decisions that our board and our administration should be doing their homework to make themselves. 2. Cut administration before cutting teachers. The kids need teachers more than a building full of highly paid administrators. 3. No more trips for conventions, etc. Have any “learning sessions” held in town...we have plenty of experts right here. 4. Use the people already on board to do administrative duties instead of paying companies to bring in more and more administrative duties. 5. Quit building “super schools” where the majority of students are not within walking distance and where the parents feel no neighborhood involvement. The first thing that should ALWAYS be considered when making budget decisions is “How will this impact the students.”


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