Blue raspberry, caramel apple and bubble gum, my friends and me love these candy flavors… Unfortunately, they’re also the flavors of some vape juices, which contain nicotine. I see these flavors every time I go into a convenience store.

According the CDC list people endorsing 1 in 3 youth use vapes. Flavored tobacco products are not as innocent as they seem. Vapes, e-cigs, JUUL, no matter what you call them, they’re e-cigarettes and they’re not harmless.

Some things I have learned while being a member of FACT the statewide tobacco prevention youth movement is; 1) Nicotine – highly addictive and can harm the developing brain.

2) Other chemicals in flavorings that may cause irreversible lung damage when inhaled.

3) 97% of teen vapers use flavored e-cigarettes (Truth Initiative).

Our FACT group does various factivism’s throughout the year. This year during Halloween we plan to share the message Tobacco Tricks NOT Treats FACTivism that we will send virtually through a candy gram on our social media.

As a member of FACT, a youth-driven movement of Wisconsin teens spreading the truth about tobacco, I hope to educate our community about the harmful effects tobacco, including flavored e-cigarettes and vapes, has on our bodies. Visit to learn more about the work of FACT groups throughout the state.

Imelda Dominguez