Rock County has 28 municipalities serving 168,000+ residents, 28 municipal clerks who depend on the office of the County Clerk to properly train, prepare, and implement important functions.

The most important function perhaps, is elections. In the time Lisa Tollefson has been County Clerk, she has been incredibly cooperative and a positive help to all of us. This is a role where experience matters and we feel best served by having Lisa continue to expand and grow in the position by voting her in to another term.

Lisa has demonstrated commitment and integrity to the office and she has faithfully and impartially discharged the duties of her office to the best of her ability. In her experience, she has successfully shown that voters can trust Rock County elections through multiple recounts, including the state’s first ever Presidential recount.

Lisa Tollefson answers to all and takes responsibility for issues that arise as a result of technology, human error or collaborative challenges, and has always improved for “the next time.”

The county acquired equipment capable of programming multiple languages assisting voters in ways we’ve never been able to, and Lisa is anxious to get these functions up and running to better serve all populations in our community.

It is our hope that you have the public confidence of Lisa’s first term and that you will join us in keeping the experience of Lisa Tollefson by voting for her on August 11, 2020 for Rock County Clerk.

(Signed by the following municipal clerks throughout Rock County: Stephanie Schwartzlow, Town of Avon Clerk; Sandy Clarke, Town of Bradford Clerk; Tim Tollefson, Town of Harmony Clerk; Dawn Miller, Town of La Prairie Clerk; Graceann Toberman,  Town of Magnolia Clerk-Treasurer; Mary Carlson, Town of Clinton Clerk; Julie Eells, Town of Janesville Clerk; Peggy Augustine, Town of Janesville Treasurer; Sue Douglas, Town of Plymouth Clerk; Connie Zimmerman, Town of Fulton Clerk-Treasurer; Shawna March, Village of Footville Clerk-Treasurer; Kate Corbit, Village of Footville Deputy Clerk-Treasurer; Marcy Granger, Town of Milton Clerk-Treasurer; Jennifer Ciepley, Village of Clinton Clerk; Devona Udulutch, Town of Center; Leanne Schroeder, City of Milton Clerk; Mary Mawhinney, Town of Johnstown Clerk; Jeanette Bell, Town of Newark Clerk; Cindy Hegglund, City of Edgerton Clerk-Treasurer; Lori Stottler, former Rock County Clerk.)