Lisa Tollefson, current Rock County Clerk, is a candidate for re-election in November. She and another candidate are running as Democrats in the August 11 primary. There is no Republican opposition for Clerk. Thus the August primary will determine who will be the next Clerk.

Lisa has served as Rock County Clerk since 2015 and Town of Harmony Clerk from 2009-2015. She is a Wisconsin Certified Municipal Clerk and a Certified Election Trainer. In addition, she is Legislative Committee Vice-chair for the Wisconsin County Clerks Association and a member of the Clerk Advisory Committee - Security - for the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Lisa’s Election Trainer certification requires at least 5 years of election administration experience and an official recommendation. Lisa has trained hundreds of election inspectors, clerks and special registration deputies since becoming certified. Preparation of election ballots for the various Rock County municipalities, as well as overseeing the elections are among the Clerk’s most important duties.

The County Clerk’s duties are many and complex and the learning curve is long. Lisa’s qualifications make her the only candidate who is truly qualified to fill this office. There is no substitute for training and experience!

Lisa has our full support. Please give her yours on August 11th.

John C. Bergman

Past Chair

Town of Harmony

Judith Bergman

Past Clerk

Town of Harmony