The agenda driven media continues lying about Joe Biden’s ultra-liberal pick for his running mate, Senator Kamala Harris. News coverage continues to call her a centrist and a pragmatic moderate.

Even former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau can’t believe the dishonesty. He said, "It was hilarious to me that Harris is being called a moderate.”

Favreau added, “Harris supports something extremely close to 'Medicare for all,' which Bernie Sanders acknowledged in his statement supporting her. She supports the Green New Deal. She has one of the most liberal records in the U.S. Senate.”

Harris held at least four separate positions on "Medicare for all" during the 2020 Democratic primary and has co-sponsored it. She endorsed and co-sponsored the Green New Deal. She advocated for late-term abortion and repealing tax cuts. She tried to impose a religious litmus test on Catholic judicial nominees.

When Harris’s voting record in the Senate is compared to every Senate Democrat’s, hers was second only to Elizabeth Warren in terms of how far to the left she has voted. She is more radical than Bernie Sanders! Biden picked Harris to appease the radical left of the Democrat party.

Tragically, by appealing to the radical left, Biden and Democrats refuse to disavow antifa, the radical, violent revolutionary group that has destroyed property and injured dozens of law enforcement officers around the country. The media calls the riots and destruction “peaceful protests.” The media continues the cover-up.

Biden revealed his true self in picking Harris.

Amy Holterman