I met my granddaughter, Montana, for breakfast at Sophia’s prior to her going to work at Glitz and Glow. We had a great breakfast. Trish the waitress gave us our normal orders. We enjoyed our breakfast and discussion, went to leave and noticed she had a flat tire on her SUV.

She and I immediately got the owner's manual out and began to get the jack and spare ready to go. It was getting late. I told her to take my truck and go to work.

I began to change it and one of the owners, Nile, came out to offer his assistance, helped me jack it up and loosened the lugs and went back inside as they were very busy. I finished up and went to Discount Tire in Janesville to have it replaced. I stopped at Sophia’s on the way back into town to thank him and tried to pay him for helping me out. He said he would not take it, that's just what we do for our customers. How cool is that?

This is just another reason to support this small businesses in our community; great food, great service and sometimes people still go that extra mile just to help someone out.

Steven Christensen