Trumpers did not riot at the Capitol. Those were posers and from

President Trump never told them to riot. Republican voters do not riot like antifa and BLM do.

A photo of one of the men arrested for the Capitol riot showed that he was associated with phillyantifa. Maxine Waters incited riots, and nothing happened to her. Other Democrat lawmakers incited and filed hate against Republicans. It started in 2016 with their chant "not my President" and blocking traffic on Interstates.

If Trump had 88 million followers on social media, he would have had at least 88 million votes. Millions of ballots were shredded, destroyed and thrown out in dumpsters. We need an entire new election with integrity. No more illegal voters using dead people's identities and false IDs. Recounts cannot recover destroyed ballots. Stop the lies. What happened to authentic journalism having both sides reporting?

Why does Biden allow a 100-plus-size crowd at the inauguration if it is because of COVID-19? Would it matter if the crowd was 100 or 1 million? He is just making it look like those are the rules because Biden cannot get a massive crowd, neither could Hillary or Kaine get that size crowd in 2016. Watch footage.