Political tribalism is making government impossible. Republican and Democratic lawmakers have adopted a warrior ethos in which brutality is admired over benevolence, propaganda over discourse, confrontation over dialogue and defamation over dignity.

Those we elect, especially our long term incumbents, give allegiance to their party and forsake the greater and common good. We no longer witness our elected officials displaying sympathy, admiration, charity, respect nor concern for the well-being of each of us. Those in office are not outraged by cruelty, they relish attacking those of the other party and have little motivation to serve any of us beyond their campaign donors.

During this COVID pandemic the Wisconsin legislature never united to combat the virus that has decimated our citizens. In spite of a vaccine with proven efficacy there has not been legislative support for vaccinations and even rejection of mask wearing to keep us safe.

With 2022 being an election year perhaps it is time we send ordinary people to govern us not political partisans who care about party and power; rather than our common good. We must return to a government in which compromise is not a dirty word and collaboration not party tribalism using raw power and intimidation is the basis for governing.



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