Let’s play pretend; pretend that the January 6 storming of the capital was a bunch of tourist or pretend they were Antifa disguised as as Trump supporters.

The problem is not just the video that we’ve all seen and vast FBI evidence, but also the testimony of numerous capitol police officers who experienced the attack as well. I dare you to listen to their testimonies in their entirety; if you do you can’t help but to feel the truth.

If you back the badge then shouldn’t you back the capitol police. Tourists you say. Do tourist wear Kevlar, helmets, don weapons and injure 150+ officers and beat them with the American flag? Do they yell racial epithets at black and brown officers? Do they call for the murder of members of our government?

During the first day of testimony by Capitol police officers GOP leaders outside the capitol were still playing pretend, denying the insurrection. The capitol police risked their lives fighting for our democracy, now they’re fighting for accountability. This is what a democracy must do. So where are we in our politically polarized country. We have one of two political parties, the GOP, who support insurrection when an election doesn’t turn out the way they wish. Smiles abound in Russia and China where they don’t play pretend.



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