What does disinformation do?

If you listen to some news outlets, you’ll hear anti-mask, anti-vaccine and anti-pandemic information.

Doctors, the CDC, the whole body of scientific information give us the information we need to manage the virus, but do you believe it? Are masks optional? Is COVID-19 a hoax or no big deal? How do the families of the 550,000 who’ve died feel about these questions? Would you dare ask them or put yourself in their shoes?

If not, let’s at least see how the “anti” information affects us. Published studies reveal that red states have higher death and infection rates than the rest. Red states downplay the virus, the science. That’s the link. This should be revealing information if you let it be. Will you?

Maybe you’ve never been sick, you’ve beaten the flu, you have freedoms and rights. Can you stop and permit logic into the conversation? The flu doesn’t kill like COVID. We don’t know the long term effects of it yet. Viruses evolve into new variants. Vaccines have eliminated polio and other viruses. These things we know with certainty.

Let our logical minds guide us rather than media figures who try to feed us disinformation.