There are only three reasons why a person would not believe that massive fraud had taken place in the 2020 election. First, they can’t imagine that the nightly news would outright lie about what had transpired; second, they own no smart phone or computer, or don’t know how to search the internet with it; or third, they have no curiosity.

The evidence of the fraud is ubiquitous and convincing. Here are a few of the anomalies of the 2020 election. Can these all be true at the same time?

• Joe Biden carried the fewest counties a presidential winner ever carried.

• Joe Biden exceeded Barack Obama’s first term election vote total by 15 million votes.

• President Trump exceeded his 2016 vote totals with Blacks, Hispanics and Jews, and won 95% of Republicans.

• In New York City and Chicago, in states not critical to the election because they always go Democrat, Biden drew fewer votes than Hillary Clinton had.

• In Georgia, there is film footage of election workers pulling four suitcases (not mail trays) containing ballots out from under tables after partisan election observers were removed from the room.

• Big city election headquarters in four swing states, where Trump had commanding leads, all ceased counting ballots and evicted partisan election observers at about the same time, 10:30 pm. When they resumed counting, the votes were amazingly consistent for Joe Biden.

• Attorney General Bill Barr stated he saw no evidence of election fraud. Not one of the 300-plus election observers who filed affidavits of observed fraud under penalty of perjury has been interviewed by the FBI.

If the outright evidence of fraud will be ignored, and Biden is seated as president, America will have joined the ranks of Banana republics. How can this stand?

Jane Ryan Carrell