Lisa Tollefson’s errors as Rock County Clerk outweigh any of her benefits. Her office has caused confusion by announcing incorrect election results, and this April she left Jacob Taylor, a candidate for County Supervisor, off the ballot entirely. This disenfranchised many voters who wanted to vote for him.

Lisa responded to this by asserting that he won so no harm no foul. While it is good that Lisa’s incompetence didn’t alter an election result, that does not absolve her from responsibility for the error. It is even more shameful that Jacob had to go to the Wisconsin Elections Commission, in order to have the error corrected in a timely manner, because the Clerk’s office said that Lisa was too busy to deal with it. Lisa’s error cost Rock County taxpayers money, and adversely impacted the integrity of our elections.

Unable to run on her record, Lisa’s supporters have resorted to a toxic social media campaign in an attempt to save her seat, including a homophobic series of comments by one supporter on her campaign page which said that a member of the county Democratic Party Executive Board should be beaten because they were “still gay.” As a gay Democrat, I felt attacked by our ‘Democratic’ clerk.

Lisa’s campaign refused to take any action for over a day until criticism from prominent elected Democrats caused her to delete the comment with no apology.

Rock County deserves a leader. I am voting for Yuri Rashkin, and I encourage you to join me.

James Foss