The following statement is a newsflash to every single member of the Wisconsin GOP following the overwhelming results from the last Spring Election.

Do not mess with the voters of Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin GOP tried every way possible to disenfranchise and silence the people of this great state. They tried to stop us from rescheduling the election to a safer time and then whined that "you had time to absentee vote - what's the problem?" They forced us to choose: your health or your right to vote. They tried to disqualify absentee ballots in every way imaginable - from the absence of a witness signature to not being postmarked properly or on time. They showed no concern or care for people who didn't receive properly requested absentee ballots. They even made getting the results confusing by delaying the results for a week.

Despite all of these factors and everything being stacked against the people of Wisconsin, we delivered a massive objection to the Wisconsin GOP. Do not try to silence us. You've attempted to do this for long enough. It's time to stop playing games with the people of Wisconsin. All your hard work these last several years was "much ado about nothing." It's time you start working with the Democrats and Governor Tony Evers to make common-sense change to the State of Wisconsin - change the people of Wisconsin so desperately need.

The people of Wisconsin have made their intentions clear. Your move.

James Foss